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We wanted to create a company that was based on their customers by providing a full-service hot water tank solution for homes and businesses at competitive rates and with a service that's guaranteed.

At Hot Water Tank Calgary, we understand water heaters. We only partner with the best water heater suppliers in Calgary in order to install a tank that's meant to last, while keeping energy costs down.

Energy efficient hot water tanks allow you to continue receiving hot water while keeping energy consumption at a minimum. The average hot water tank is built to last 10 years so if your hot water tank is older than this, we strongly recommend looking into switching it to a new unit to avoid potential damage from occurring.

We knew there weren't many custom solutions for people so we decided to create a custom fit service for anyone. To us, this means that no matter the size of your home and need of the household, we will recommend a water heater that's fit to match your needs. Our goal is to always provide you with great service and help you keep costs reasonable.

All of the technicians at Hot Water Tank Calgary must pass comprehensive training and testing prior to becoming employed through our company. This allows us to provide a higher level of customer service, service, and trust through our employees. The owner of the company is often on sight to ensure good workmanship.

Throughout the last 20 years, we have installed over 4,000 hot water tanks in Calgary and surrounding areas, and we are confident and comfortable that we will meet your expectations.

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